I once expressed my feeling toward the city-state to a friend during a business trip. His reaction was like, “Are you sure you want to relocate here? Do you think it’s gonna be better than life in Jakarta? What makes it so different? Well, if you finally get localized here, I’m not sure you wouldn’t […]

What comes in mind when you heard the word, “date”? How about Saturdate? Based on my research on my circle of friends, most of us think and assume that it must have something to do with couple-thingy. So if you are single and haven’t found any significant-other yet, you are obviously excluded from the term […]

Let’s be honest. I’m liably belong to the social group that tend to prefer the freedom and rebuild our life in the strangers’ land. There is no denial if there’s this saying that our ancestors’ verve is running in our blood. Yeah, three-quarter of my grandparents is no native here. But after spending the whole […]

Talking with dad via phone-call, his responds be like… Talking about my career vision: “liao leh!”   Talking about my further educational plan: “liao leh! Got a serious boyfriend or not?” S: “where got lah!”   D: “ah girl too smart hard to find leng zai ah!” Walao… Liao leh, Pa!

“You look like you’ve been went through a lot in life…” I often heard that from some friends. I feel like, they point it out just right. But wait…   What is went through a lot in life for real…? I was born in the capital city of Indonesia and raised by a Chindo mother […]