The Meaning of Life


“You look like you’ve been went through a lot in life…”

I often heard that from some friends. I feel like, they point it out just right. But wait…


What is went through a lot in life for real…?

I was born in the capital city of Indonesia and raised by a Chindo mother and a traditional Cantonese father, went to every type of school exist in this country – from international school to Catholic school administered by the monastery, a Christian-based national plus school to home-school and to public university. And from that, I experienced the different type of circle, the gap just so wide and high! (To be honest, I don’t think I like thing such as social class denomination, but admit it… We’re living in this kind of world and this has been exist ever since the Old Testament.) And like most folks in the circle of my generation, I grew up and leaned toward global pop culture (Westernized, they say) and capitalist lifestyle. So you can imagine what kind of brat is this girl… But unlike some display of picture perfect life surrounded by high-end brands and luxury holiday with a full-pack family from the type of Keluarga Berencana*, we went through catastrophe divorce and I ever thrusted into deep depression, rebellion, and got my first job before hitting legal. But quoting from a friend, “no family is perfect”. So therefore I guess, nobody is perfect too… But we are an ever-changing being that learn and growing spine from the mistake and pain, each and every day.

So I believe everybody alive in this such vast and fast world, has their own version of being went through a lot in life. With all love, I share the adventure and journey that I went through a lot in life from a perspective of agirl who raised under Chinese tradition but also a feminist mother in this Eastern country, yet globalized enough to doubt and rebel against the odds and grow into a wildflower in the backyard.

Life is an adventure. Life is a challenge. Life is a long-journey and travel to our mind, body, and soul all at once. I believe my friends and people surround me are the answer to my prayers, and everything that we got in life is a blessing. And whatever we’ve been through…all the experience is a timeless-classic piece of life, uniquely and your very one-of-a-kind.

So enjoy withalloveSha.


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